For more than five decades Prairie Theatre Exchange (PTE) has been showcasing the best in Canadian content; featuring Canadian playwrights, telling Canadian stories as only Canadian’s can.

Recently PTE announced their upcoming 2024-25 Season. Described as a season of warmth and wit, this is sure to be an fantastic upcoming season consisting of five subscription series plays with four of them being world premieres. All of the plays in the 2024-25 season being written by a diverse spectrum of playwrights coming from different backgrounds.

In addition to the subscription series plays, there are also three extra features that PTE will be providing to audiences as well. Using technology, these three extras will make use of film, streaming capabilities and live musical performance.

The importance of Canadian theatre is paramount to the goals of PTE as Managing Director of PTE Lisa Li explains, “We are theatre company in Canada. The Canadian voice is really important. The Canadian voice is changing,…it’s always been changing and evolving. We are one of the few dedicated theatre companies that produce primarily Canadian works…so it’s what we do.”

For this 2024-25 season PTE has successfully chosen five plays from Canadian playwrights that tell interesting, engaging, humorous and fascinating stories that will both appeal to the loyal fan base, but will also attract those who might be new to the theatre.

Check out Chris Wolf’s conversation with Lisa Li. Managing Director of PTE and Carman Johnston, Director of Development and External Affairs. The three of them unpacked this remarkable season!



Check out PTE’s 2024-25 Season at a Glance by clicking here


Humor, humanity, mystery, family and warmth, the upcoming season with Prairie Theatre exchange has it all!

There is no better way to take in Canadian theatre than with PTE. Warmth and wit is how they describe the 2024-25 season, but it could also be the way to describe the venue and the staff. As Li simply puts it, “We love welcoming audiences through our doors…so please come and stop by and say hi.”

While you are stopping by and saying hi you can check out some of the finest live theatre you will see in the country with this upcoming season.

If you want to see some live theatre now the 2023-24 season is not over yet. There are still two great opportunities to take in live theatre for this season. PTE has The Year of Magical Thinking that runs from April 9-21 and The Outside Inn which runs from May 7-19.