Swan River RCMP received a special donation last week. 

After sharing with the community, the importance of providing comfort to victims of crime, the local community in Swan River stepped up in a big way.


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Jocelyn Marchuk of Bowsman, Manitoba, spoke with an officer of the Swan River RCMP, who told her that quilts are very comforting to victims of crime. 

"Police often interact with people during stressful, traumatic, and painful situations. This is especially true when it comes to victims of crime," said Manitoba RCMP in a post on social media. "Providing comfort to victims is important to the officers."

Marchuk wasted no time getting the word out, reaching out to friends, local organizations and the quilting community, resulting in 25 quilts being donated to the Swan River RCMP Detachment. 

"The quilts will be given by the RCMP to victims of crime, and the victims can know that they are being wrapped in the care of the community."