A Winnipeg cat landed on its feet and is back in its owner's arms thanks to some quick-acting firefighters.

Members of the Winnipeg Fire Paramedic Service were called to a building on the corner of Waterfront Drive and MacDonald Avenue on Monday morning for a ladder rescue. 

A young man's black and white cat had found itself roaming on the ledge of a well-known structure often referred to as the "UFO building," after it snuck out of an open window. With the cat unable to find its way back to the window, his owner called emergency personnel and they jumped into action.

The City of Winnipeg says rescuing animals is all in a day's work for firefighters.

"Have you ever wondered why firefighters assist with animal rescues?" the City asked in a social media post. "It’s because we don’t want residents to become injured while trying to retrieve a pet from a high height. Our Winnipeg Fire Paramedic Service crews have the proper training and equipment to safely retrieve animals in precarious situations."

a low angle shot up a firetruck ladder shows a firefighter on top of the ladder holding the catA firefighter stands on top of a truck ladder with the rescued cat. (City of Winnipeg/X)
A black and white cat huddles on the ledge of a condo building between a pillar and windowThe cat had snuck out of a window and couldn't turn around to get back inside. (City of Winnipeg/X)