A stormy Wednesday evening filled with tornado warnings and severe thunderstorm watches has left many Manitobans with spectacular photos and videos from a relatively rare event.

The below video includes footage from Riley Klassen (first clip) of a tornado located near Darlingford, Man., approximately 100 kilometres southwest of Winnipeg.

The second clip comes courtesy Shawn Klassen, and shows the rotation on the thunderstorm when it was near Morden.

Susanne DeRoo captured the tornado when it was on the ground near Swan Lake.

tornado on the ground

The stormy weather began earlier in the afternoon in western Manitoba, and provided storm chasers with plenty of action. At least four tornadoes touched down in the region according to reports.

Scott Kehler of Weather logics posted on X that he saw two on the ground near Rivers, Man., two near Baldur, Man., and possibly a fifth south of Carberry, Man.

A large tornado near Swan Lake, Man., touched down and damaged the local Pow Wow grounds.

No major damage or injuries have been reported as of yet in relation to any of the storms.

Storm chaser Shannon Bileski captured a beautiful moment in the midst of the destruction of a tornado near St. Alphonse, Man., with this rainbow shining bright over a field. 

The below photo gallery includes submissions from Susanne DeRoo, Riley Klassen, Mike Sumner, Justina Block, Andrea Zammit and Amanda Smith.