February is Black History Month, an opportunity to discuss diversity in education, society, economics, and politics.

Nadia Thompson, chairperson and program director with Black History Manitoba, says it's not just about Black History Month. It's about Black history altogether.

"We want to make sure that we are recognized. That we are a part of Canadian history, a part of history as a whole," said Nadia. "And because a lot of our schools don't have it in our curriculum, we took it upon ourselves to be able to disseminate that information to all those who want to understand more about where we come from, how we've shaped Canada's history and who we are as a people."

To help get the conversation rolling, Black History Manitoba has planned several events, educational programs, and cultural celebrations.

"This weekend, we've got a movie night with the Afro-Caribbean Association of Manitoba. The Jamaican Association of Manitoba has their Black History Month luncheon on Sunday, and then next week, we've got an event at the legislative building."

Some of the other events include a Black History Month Jets game on Feb. 20 and a networking event for young people on Feb 24-25.  

Thompson says she hopes that people will take this opportunity to learn the history of the Black community in Canada and how they play a role in Canada's growth.

"We sometimes get overlooked or our stories are told by others who don't actually know what our story is, or they whitewash, sometimes over some of the things that are important. Some of the things are uncomfortable to have those conversations about, but it is important to talk about them so that we know where we came from and how to fix and how to improve on where we're going."

 Black History Month festivities in Winnipeg will wrap up on Mar 2. with a closing ceremony at the Canadian Museum for Human Rights.

To find a full list of events visit bhmwinnipeg.com.

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