In an effort to fight food insecurity, passionate Winnipeggers set up a community fridge, but are now asking for assist after their utilities were stolen.

The Community Fridge, located at 689 Maryland St., is a pilot project to make the needs and wants of the community free and accessible. The idea is that the project becomes self-sustaining, meaning it is put in the hands of the community to make sure there are items in the fridge and the pantry and keep it clean and organized.

Launching in the West End of the city, the pilot project opened to the community on September 10, 2022.

Among basic food items that are accepted, such as fresh fruit and vegetables, frozen meat, dried and canned good and baby formula, the fridge also has room for non-food items, like hygiene products, pet food, and sanitizing equipment.


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However, three days ago, the volunteers of the community fridge took to Instagram to share a big and unfortunate update. 

"The fridge and heater have been stolen. It's unfortunate but something we have had in our minds as a possibility!" reads the post. "We will persevere but it will take us some time to get replacements in."

On the post, comments flooded in sharing condolences and people offering their old fridges that were going to be recycled anyways.

The community waits for the next announcement of when the project will be operational again with a new fridge. There is no news on the next steps for replacing the heater.

The project organizers also encourage people to consider volunteering as well, to organize, clean and check in on the setup.

For more information, visit the Winnipeg Community Fridge linktree.