Issues with Elections Canada's website are making it hard for some people to find out where their polling station is on election day.

Elections Canada's Voter Information Service page provides a space for voters to search for their polling station by postal code, address, or selecting their riding on a map. However, for many people Monday morning they received an error saying "The addresses of your voting locations are not yet available. Please contact the office below for assistance."

A spokesperson for Elections Canada apologized that voters were having difficulty, but says the issue should be rectified, now. 

"We were having technical problems with our online Voter Information Service earlier this morning, but those have since been resolved. Everything is back working as it should," the spokesperson says.

If people continue to encounter problems they can also find their polling location via other means.

"To find their assigned polling location today, electors can also check the Elections Canada Voter Information Card they got in the mail, or they can call us at 1-800-463-6868," the spokesperson says.