The El Niño year has brought warmer temperatures than normal for a Manitoban winter and we could break a record high come Monday. 

"What's happening is that we're in the warm sector, ahead of the cold front," says Kyle McAulay, a meteorologist with Environment and Climate Change Canada.  "Today it'll be about plus 2. The cold front comes through overnight bringing in some northerly winds, sinking our temperature down to a bit closer to seasonal with -17 and a high of -9 tomorrow."

Saturday's high for Winnipeg is plus 6 degrees. 

"The lack of snow, especially in the fields, it's not reflecting too much of the sunlight and the sun is getting a little bit stronger now as we're later into February."

McAulay says we'll have warmer-than-average temperatures heading into Monday, possibly even record-breaking. 

"Monday has a high of plus 13, which might be a little ambitious. We don't want to rule it out completely yet but it'll be a pretty warm day regardless. From what I see the highest temperature for February 26 is plus 5 in 1999."

The normal temperature right now is -6 in Winnipeg this time of year. 

Right after that warm day a cold system with precipitation is expected, swinging the temperature down 33 degrees colder. 

"Monday overnight there is a chance of showers with the temperature being over zero. That'll change into a chance of snow as the weather drops. Our long-term models are saying a low of -20."

In the days following the temperature will return to normal according to EC.