A young woman is alive thanks to a good samaritan, a Field Training Officer and a few Winnipeg Police Service Cadets.

Late Saturday morning, members of the Winnipeg Police Services Auxillary Cadet Unit were flagged down by a good samaritan near the intersection of Main Street and William Avenue, where they found an unconscious and unresponsive 28-year-old woman in a bus shelter.

The group quickly recognized that the woman was suffering from an opioid overdose.  Before emergency crews arrived, the Field Training officer administered an initial dose of naloxone nasal spray, and Cadet members administered five additional doses before the woman regained consciousness. 

She was transported to the hospital in stable condition and expected to recover fully.

The Winnipeg Police Service encourages anyone who experiences or witnesses a drug overdose to contact 911 immediately. The Good Samaritan, Drug Overdose Act, provides some legal protection for people who seek emergency help for an overdose and anyone at the scene when help arrives.