On Tuesday morning city crews started its proactive mosquito larviciding program to help minimize mosquitos this summer. 

"The snow has melted and spring rains are occurring which means mosquito season is here," said David Wade, Superintendent of Insect Control. "Now our job is to target larvae that are already hatching in ditches and low-lying areas to control the population before it grows."

The city is moving forward in its mosquito program with an environmentally mindful strategy at the forefront. 

According to the news release, this includes:

  • A 100% biorational larviciding program using ground equipment and four helicopters
  • Monitoring and treating over 28,000 hectares of water area on an ongoing basis based on weather conditions
  • Monitoring for adult nuisance mosquitoes in New Jersey Light Traps with the first trap counts posted on May 8, 2024, on the Insect Control website
  • Adult mosquito treatments as required

For high adult mosquito areas, they will use DeltaGard 20EW®. The city will respect any buffer zones and solely target high-nuisance mosquito population areas. 

The public will be notified 24 hours ahead of any fogging. When using the helicopter to fog in busy public areas such as a soccer field or golf course, the area will be closed during the procedure, as well as 20 minutes before and after. 

To minimize the disruption the city plans on administering the fog in the early morning and share details at least 24 hours in advance.