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Cinematheque Presents Cabin Fever: Free Films for Kids - BUSTER KEATON’S CLASSIC SHORTS

Sunday, Jan 20, 2019 at 3:00 PM

Winnipeg Cinematheque, 100 Arthur Street, Winnipeg, Manitoba

What started as a dream in 2005 has blossomed into a rite of passage for parents and their kids. They can shake the snow off their boots and spend an afternoon at the movies every Sunday all through January and February thanks to the generous support of the Assiniboine Credit Union. Due to the popularity of this series it is our desire that parents and their kids be seated before all others. Thanks for your understanding.

There will be will be free stop motion animation workshops offered by Art City one hour prior to all films.

More info on our website at:

Sunday, January 20 / 3 pm - Buster Keaton’s Classic Shorts

Buster Keaton has emerged as one of the era’s most admired and respected artists. Behind the deadpan expression and trademark porkpie hat was a filmmaking comic genius who conceived and engineered some of the most breathtaking stunts and feats of visual trickery.

One Week
1920, USA, 22 min
Two newlyweds attempt to build a house only to discover the plans have been sabotaged. The result is a hilarious architectural disaster.

1922 , USA, 18 min
Buster Keaton gets involved in a series of misunderstandings involving a horse and cart. Eventually he infuriates every cop in the city when he accidentally interrupts a police parade and is chased through the city by a horde of Los Angeles police officers.

The Boat
1921, USA, 27 min
Buster loads the wife and kids into their homemade boat, and spend their time on the high seas ducking bridges, battling storms, and defying gravity.

Plays With: Ropa da Salsa / Directed by Papa Mbao / 2016, Canada, 2:18 min
Animator Papa Mbao shows the celebration of couple on a night out in the town using actual clothing, hand drawn and stop motion animation, and photos.

Sunday, January 27 / 3 pm - The Last Starfighter

Sunday, February 3 / 3 pm - The Goonies

Sunday, February 10 / 1 pm - Mary and the Witch’s Flower

Sunday, February 17 / 3 pm - Experimental Films with Kids! w/ Art City presents: Handcrafted Film with Rhayne Vermette

Sunday, February 24 / 1 pm - Ruby Bridges


Winnipeg Cinematheque, 100 Arthur Street, Winnipeg, Manitoba

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