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Whodunit? Mystery Bookstore Presents Harry Potter Book Night - 18+

Thursday, Feb 07, 2019 at 8:30 PM

Whodunit? Mystery Bookstore, 163 Lilac Ave, Winnipeg, Manitoba

(Photo by Rae Tian on Unsplash)

On Harry Potter Book Night (8:30 PM - 11:30 PM): Hogwarts we'll be sharing the wonder of JK Rowling's unforgettable stories! While our early evening event is focused on bringing the magic of Harry Potter to young readers and their families, we also acknowledge that a great deal of the fanbase for the books of the Wizarding World are the children who grew up with Harry, Hermoine, and Ron, and who remain fans in their adulthood. As a result, we thought that it might be best for us to offer this audience a chance to come and celebrate the big day with their peers!

Our 18+ event will still offer the same chance to dress up, for games and treats. It will also feature a book focused team quiz, and prizes, with more details to follow! Stay tuned to our social medias, and our listing here for more information!

Unlike the Hall at Hogwarts, however, our space is limited. So while tickets are free, we do ask that you acquire them before the event in order for us to best prepare to serve you and create the most magical event that we can.

Phone 2042849100


Whodunit? Mystery Bookstore, 163 Lilac Ave, Winnipeg, Manitoba

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