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Prairie Theatre Exchange Presents New Magic Valley Fun Town (Jan 24 - Feb 10)

Sunday, Jan 27, 2019 at 4:00 PM

Prairie Theatre Exchange (3rd Floor Portage Place), 393 Portage Avenue, Winnipeg, Manitoba

A comic drama about survivors and those who love them
A World Première, a co-production with Tarragon Theatre
Playwright: Daniel MacIvor

In his Cape Breton trailer park home, Dougie is preparing for a visit from his boyhood friend Allen, whom he hasn't seen in 25 years. Everything starts off great, laughs are had and embarrassing memories shared. But as the evening wears on, shadows from the past emerge and questions resurface about what things appear to be and what they really are; what we remember and what we choose to forget. With themes of family dysfunction, lost love, new passions, and the machinations of small town personal dramas, this play seeks to offer healing for the vulnerable who have suffered injustice at the hands of the powerful.

"MacIvor sees connections hidden to most and makes exquisite theatre in the process." -

Audience Advisory: while full of comedic moments, this play also touches on sensitive issues such as the aftermath of past trauma.

Running Time: approximately 90 minutes, no intermission

Caroline Gillis
Stephanie MacDonald
Daniel MacIvor
Andrew Moodie

Director: Richard Rose
Set Design: Brian Perchaluk
Costume Design: Brenda McLean
Lighting Design: Kim Purtell
Sound Design & Original Music: Don Benedictson
Choreography: Brenda Gorlick
Assistant Director: Audrey Dwyer
Stage Manager: Marinda de Beer
Assistant Stage Manager: Michael Duggan


Prairie Theatre Exchange (3rd Floor Portage Place), 393 Portage Avenue, Winnipeg, Manitoba

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