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Menachem Pressler, Emerson String Quartet - Emerson and Pressler: Dvorak: Piano Quintet Op. 81, Op. 87

Dvorak: Piano Quartet In E Flat, Op. 87 - 1. Allegro Con Fuoco

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Students from H.C. Avery performed live in the Diamond Lane on Friday! Missed it? Watch it here? 


Throughout the short week, thousands of students descended on the RBC Convention Centre to participate in Winnipeg's Classic 107 Concert Band Festival. Running from February 19th to the 22nd, the festival featured over 200 bands, performing, workshopping and sharing in music with their peers. On the last day of the festival, Simeon is joined by band students from H.C. Avery. 

Mia Faseruk, Madison Schettler and McKenzie Stirling perform in a flute trio with Marc Santiago, King Benedicto and Chris Palapuz playing trumpet, alto and tenor sax in another trio. 

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