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The days of gas well under $1.00/L could very well be behind us (again). is warning Canadians that 2018 will most likely have the highest fuel prices on average seen since 2014.

Just how bad will it get? Well, that depends on a number of variables according to Dan McTeague, senior petroleum analyst at

"Circumstances beyond Canada’s control, including a surging U.S dollar versus a weaker Loonie, increasing U.S. fuel demand and growing exports, will put a premium on what Canadians will pay at the pumps in 2018," McTeague warns. "We estimate pump price, therefore, rise an average of 5 cents a litre across the country.”

The national average for 2018 is currently forecast to be $1.19. The forecasters say that January will have the lowest monthly average, of $1.13/L. September, meanwhile, will see the highest nation-wide average of $1.24/L

"Government decisions to implement or increase carbon taxes guarantees no driver will be spared a further hit to their pocketbooks," McTeague says. "2018 promises to be another year that petroleum products leads the way in pushing up the overall cost of living for Canadians, setting in motion inflationary pressures that could, in turn, lead to higher interest rates."