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Two things are guaranteed every April in Winnipeg: your taxes will be due, and the road will have potholes.

 With temperatures fluctuating above and below the 0°C mark, potholes have been showing up on more roads throughout the spring season.

While many potholes end up as small bumps on your drive, some can end up causing major problems.

Southbound Pembina Highway underneath the Jubilee Underpass had a pothole last month that caused the curb lane to be closed for a number of days.

The City of Winnipeg says they are busy working on repairing potholes in all areas of the city. Potholes, the City says, form during the freeze/thaw cycle and are starting to appear on many different roadways.

"(City crews) are focusing their patching efforts on main routes, bus routes and collector streets as these are the routes that carry most of the traffic travelling at higher speeds," the City said in a statement sent to Golden West.

That means your streets pothole may not be first on the list, but the City encourages everyone to report potholes by calling 311.