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Ice is beginning to break up on the Red, but the risk of widespread flooding in Manitoba remains low this spring.

However, a moderate risk of overland flooding remains in low-lying areas along the Red River, according to the Hydrologic Forecast Centre of Manitoba Infrastructure.

Ice is also expected to start breaking up and moving this week with the Red River Floodway gates likely operating by early next week. Manitoba Infrastructure expects Highway 75 to remain open throughout the run-off period.

According to the latest Flood Outlook issued Wednesday, the Red River is expected to peak between approximately 50,000 and 60,000 cubic feet per second (cfs) between April 27 and May 2 at Ste. Agathe. The report indicates that this flow is similar to the one observed in 2017, which was 54,000 cfs at Ste. Agathe.

The risk of major flooding continues to be low for the Pembina River and its tributaries with water levels expected to be within flood protection levels even with unfavourable weather conditions.

Meantime, a flood warning has been issued for the Red River in parts of North Dakota and stretches from south of Grand Forks to Grafton, and also includes areas around Fargo, ND.