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True North Sports & Entertainment's Vice President, Venues and Entertainment says he's not surprised scalpers are re-selling free tickets to Saturday's Winnipeg Jets Whiteout Street Party, but that doesn't take away the sting. 

Kevin Donnelly says they expected this to happen after announcing yesterday that people needed to acquire free tickets through Ticketmaster ahead of time to get into the street party. 

"We put tickets available with a print at home option, mobile if you're on the go, or we gave people the option to pick up tickets at the box office to try and keep the spirit of everyone can come," Donnelly said over the phone Friday. "Somebody could exploit that, and somebody has." 

Almost as soon as tickets went on sale Friday, ads popped up online from people who were selling the free tickets to make a profit. Some had ticket prices ranging from as low as $25 per ticket to as high as $100, although many of those ads have disappeared or have been taken down. 

Tickets sold out for games one and two in a matter of minutes. 

Donnelly said most people got the maximum of eight tickets but a lot of other people bought tickets in twos or fours. 

He says anyone who tries to get in without a ticket will be turned away. 

"That's the whole point of having the tickets is so we can say to the public 'don't come unless you have a ticket,'" Donnelly said. "Without a ticket we wouldn't know when we would be full until people showed up. We recognize there is a disappointment factor now, but at least now you have a day to figure out where else to watch the game. At least now the public has the opportunity to come up with their own plan." 

"It is what it is. I would strongly urge people not to come down if they don't have tickets." 

The Winnipeg Jets host the Vegas Golden Knights in games one and two of their best of seven Western Conference Final. Game one goes Saturday at 6:00 p.m. and game two goes Monday at 7:00 p.m.