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Hockey has been important to Ruby Fraser since she was a little girl. Now, 105-years-old, the Jets are still her first love and she is excited for the chance at winning a Stanley Cup.

Don't let her age fool you. Ruby has probably forgotten more about hockey than most of us will ever know. And at 105-years-old, she finally gets to enjoy the Stanley Cup run that no other version of the Winnipeg Jets has given her.

"Many sports I played, but hockey is one of the most important ones," Ruby said.

That journey into hockey started when she was just a young girl. Her two younger brothers took her to the local ice rink and taught her everything about the game she now loves.

Ruby eventually played for the Eaton's hockey team, finding herself as a goalie because the team thought she was too small. They had to make her custom equipment just to fit, but she loved it. Also a speedskater, Ruby used her speed to her advantage.

In 1972, Winnipeg was granted an expansion franchise in the World Hockey Association (WHA). Ruby was already 60-years-old by then but faithfully watched the Jets. She can't remember who was on the team, but she remembers how they played.

"Boy they could skate in those days," Ruby reminisced. "They didn't have to bodycheck anybody."

The WHA folded in 1979 and the Jets found themselves in the NHL. The team had success, but they were eventually bought and moved to Arizona to become the Phoenix Coyotes. Ruby refused to let her team go.

"I went down to Phoenix for 22 years in the winter time," Ruby smiled. "I was able to follow them there."

15 years later, when Ruby was 99-years-old, the Jets returned.

"I was really excited," Ruby said. "They play a different game. It's a faster game."

Brian Little is Ruby's favourite player, though she says she chose him because of his red beard. Ruby isn't 100 percent sure if Little actually has red hair, but she was a redhead and was excited about that possibility.

These days, Ruby sits in the multi-purpose room in her care home, watching the Jets every game day with her white towel, pants, shirt, and hair. Her recent trip to a Jets game allowed her to grab a number of white towels for the staff who take care of her. She hopes the Jets finish Vegas off in four before going on to win the Stanley Cup.

If they do win the Cup, Ruby hopes she can go to the parade.

"You know, I'm going to be 106 in a few months," Ruby laughed. "So it's a little iffy."