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All eyes will be watching the wedding of Prince Harry & Meghan Markle on Saturday morning, so we will celebrate their marriage with music.


I am not a Royal watcher or follower. Just never been my thing. However, it is hard to deny they have legions of devoted fans all over the world who follow their every move, marriage and scandal through the centuries. This weekend the young, wild and adveturous Prince Harry is settling down with American actress Meghan Markle, in what will be a widely televised and covered event. So, even though I am mostly disinterested in this distant wedding, which has no relation to me at all, I cannot ignore their devotees, and so I have decided to honour their marriage and followers with two hours of music fit for a Royal wedding. Like these:







The show will rounded out with serenades; single-movement works; complete works; and musicals. Here are a couple more samples to give you an idea of the music I have programmed:




It's the Wide World of Classical Music, every Saturday noon - 6:00pm, brought to you by Bonaventure Travel.