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The Manitoba Museum's well-known nautical exhibit is finally ready for public viewers again. 

The museum announced today that the Nonsuch Gallery is good to go and has a number of upgrades and a change in setting. 

"The old Nonsuch Gallery had it set as if Nonsuch was just heading out from Deptford, England and going to Hudson Bay," exhibit curator Amelia Fay said. "We wanted to better connect it to North America so we've flipped it. It's a year later, it's 1669 and the Nonsuch has just returned to Deptford after trading with the Cree in Hudson Bay." 

The ship is now loaded with furs and goods traders often exchanged with the Cree. 

Fay says they also added a number of new features surrounding the ship, including new lighting and auditory effects that replicate what people might hear and see in Deptford in 1669, the Boar's Head sea-side Tavern where people can "overhear" Captain Zachariah Gillam tell tales from the ocean, a new pier that overlooks the ship and new rigging and unfurled sales that give the replica ship a more authentic appearance. 

Fay says when they started the revamp, they knew they wanted to create a more immersive experience. 

"We've got a complete 17 minute day and night cycle and we have three different days to experience, a calm day, a windy day and a stormy day," Fay said. "I wanted it to feel like you're actually in a bustling place. So you'll hear people talking, you'll hear music, dogs barking and a rooster crowing. It's kind of fun." 

The Nonsuch Gallery revamp is the first stage of the Manitoba museums Bringing Our Stories Forward renewal project. The Museum says the Winnipeg Gallery will be the next to receive a face-lift, which should be completed by Fall 2019.