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A Winnipeg ministry is hoping that Winnipeggers can help restock the shelves of an emergency food pantry.

West Broadway Community Ministry (WBCM) is a soup kitchen and drop-in on Furby Street. They provide a number of services to low-income people in the neighbourhood as well as homeless people.

Typically they also provide emergency food to people, however, their shelves have recently gone empty.

Lynda Trono is the community minister at WBCM, and she says that while throughout most of the year the ministry typically has regular donors, in the summer months "we kind of drop off the radar because there's so much elso going on." She says that as people get busy going out to their cottages, weddings, and family vacations, the pantry takes a noticeable hit in donations.

"I went down the other day and there's no protein source there at all. There's no breakfast cereal, there's hardly any vegetables."

Trono says they help a lot of people who can't get ahead. "It would be even better to have enough money to survive on, but so many people are just stuck. We've got so many people on disability who can't afford to make ends meet, and they can't get healthy food either. It's pretty tough out there."

WBCM needs non-perishable items, as that's all they can store. Trono says any canned meats, fruits, vegetables, as well as peanut butter are always good items that can be dropped off.

Trono says that you can drop them off at WBCM between 9:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. during the week except for Tuesdays. WBCM is located at 102-222 Furby Street.