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Menachem Pressler, Emerson String Quartet - Emerson and Pressler: Dvorak: Piano Quintet Op. 81, Op. 87

Dvorak: Piano Quartet In E Flat, Op. 87 - 1. Allegro Con Fuoco

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Thank you so much to everyone that entered! Unfortunately, we could only have one winner. Our thanks also go out to our partners, WOW! Hospitality and Peasant Cookery, and the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra! Because of them, Dan will be going to see Janina Fialkowska perform with the WSO and dinner for two at Peasant Cookery in the Exchange. 

Here are all the questions we asked and the answers! janina

QUESTION ONE: What kind of cuisine will you find at Peasant Cookery? ANSWER: French Inspired

QUESTION TWO: Janina Fialkowska is called one of the _______ of piano? ANSWER: Grandes Dames

QUESTION THREE: Who is the chef at Peasant Cookery? ANSWER: Trisan Foucault

QUESTION FOUR: Who will be conducting the WSO concert featuring Janina Fialkowska on March 1st & 2nd? ANSWER: Gemma New

QUESTION FIVE: Peasant Cookery offers a sandwich on their lunch menu that features what famous Manitoba Fish? ANSWER: Pickerel! The Pickerel B.L.T. features Manitoba  pickerel, house made bacon, local tomatoes, tartar sauce, open faced on a baguette. YUM!!

WinnerDanNighswanderOur winner Dan will be enjoying a night out on us Friday night with dinner and the symphony! QUESTION SIX: What work is Janina Fialkowska performing with the WSO March 01 and 02? ANSWER: Jan Paderewski's Piano Concerto in A minor.

QUESTION SEVEN: What is the featured special on Monday nights at Peasant Cookery? ANSWER: Charcuterie Night

QUESTION EIGHT: This particular WSO concert will feature at 10:30am matinee concert on Friday. What work will they be performing at the matinee? ANSWER: Mendelssohn's Symphony #3 "Scottish" Symphony.

LAST QUESTION! : What specialty beverage at Peasant Cookery includes Spiced Rum, Averna Amaro, apple cider, lime juice, cinnamon syrup, egg white, & garnished with nutmeg? tough question!  ANSWER: Peasant Sour