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One rally took exception with another this afternoon near the University of Winnipeg.

An anti-hate and pro-diversity rally was held at Portage Avenue and Spence Street in response to one the Worldwide Coalition Against Islam Canada had planned for today, although the latter had already cancelled their protest due to backlash they'd received.

But there was also a protest against mainstream media happening in the area, called Stand Against Canadian Fake News Corporations and put on by a group called Winnipeg Alternative Media. That didn't sit well with many people from the pro-diversity rally.



Todd McDougall, the main speaker for the Stand Against Canadian Fake News Corporations rally, delivered his message into a megaphone before getting water dumped on him. Arguments between the two groups spilled onto Portage Avenue before the handful of people from the WAM protest were eventually driven off. Shouting matches continued as a large contingent from the anti-hate rally followed them to their vehicle.



Meanwhile, another large group from the pro-diversity rally remained at the U of W to carry on with their programming. The plan was to march to the Legislature.

In a video posted to Facebook, McDougall said, before walking past the anti-hate rally, "what we have here is a George Soros kind of funded clique, operation-style Antifa that is going worldwide to tell people that unless you want to burn down your country, unless you want to hate everybody who has their own opinion, then you don't get free speech. We're going in on that."