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Margaret Marshall/Stephen Roberts/London Symphony Chorus/Philharmonia Orchestra/Richard Hickox - Vaughan Williams: A Sea Symphony, Hodie

A Sea Symphony, I. A Song for All Seas, All Ships (Moderato maestoso): A pennant universal (baritone, soprano and chorus)

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It's going to cost more to head downtown in Winnipeg, whether you're driving or taking the bus.

Today's tabled preliminary budget laid out plans to raise bus fares by 25 cents as of January 1st. It also mentions hiking parking rates by a dollar.

There will also be a reduction in service on 23 bus routes, though exactly where and when is yet to be determined. That will take effect in June.

The city's budget makes note of decreased funding from the province by the elimination of a 50/50 transit funding agreement and the Building Manitoba Fund.

The proposed property-tax increase remains at 2.33 per cent, two per cent of which will go towards repairing and rebuilding roads, while the remainder will be dedicated to finishing up the Southwest Rapid Transitway. The average homeowner can expect to pay $39 more in property taxes.

The road budget is going up; the capital spending budget is going down.