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Buckets curved upwards in wave-like formations will be on display at The Forks' Esplanade Riel Landing for the Winnipeg Design Festival.

The exhibit draws inspiration from public space hijacking using buckets in Mexico City, which architect Johanna Hurme says is done by people known to the locals as "viene viene."

"Who they are are local entrepreneurs who place paint buckets upside-down onto public sidewalks to mark a parking space, and then charge the people who might want to park there a fee to do so. So it's illegally claiming public space for parking use."

According to Hurme, there's also a charitable aspect to the project.

"We're also hoping that, you know, since the buckets have traveled here from Mexico City empty that we would, through the Canadian and Winnipeg good will, we would be able to send them back -- figuratively speaking -- full, to help a local orphanage... we're hoping to collect some funds for a girl orphanage in Mexico City."

Hurme is the principal at 5468796 Architecture. They're presenting the exhibit along with Factor Eficiencia and Studio NYL Structural Engineers. They've already done a similar creation in Mexico City.
The Winnipeg Design Festival runs tomorrow to Saturday.