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Find out how to make your existing home more energy efficient and how your house works as a system to provide you with the most comfortable environment, with Cal Dueck & Josh Friesen from Dueck Builders.

The house as a system comprises the people who live in the house, the construction materials used to build the house, and all of the mechanical components that interact daily. Over the years, changes to one mechanical component of the house can dramatically affect other components.

As a unique building structure, a house needs to be protected from the outdoor environment; it needs to breath in and out; and it needs to regulate indoor living temperatures. As such, changes to any one mechanical system will have unanticipated impact on the the house as a system.

Dueck Builders had its beginnings as Dueck Homes. Cal Dueck began building homes in 2006 in his home neighbourhood of Fort Garry. Cal started with a hands on approach, doing all the framing, concrete, and finishing in the homes he built. As would be expected, his commitment to quality and fairness caught on. Today Dueck Builders is still working out of the same Fort Garry neighbourhood, but has moved toward the design build area of expertise.

Energy efficiency and sustainable building practices continue to be at the forefront of what Dueck Builders brings to the table. Dueck Homes built the first privately-built LEED certified house in Manitoba and Cal contributed to various Green building boards. Dueck Builders continues to invest in pushing the envelope for responsible building. From ICF houses to double wall builds achieving Passive House air exchange requirements, Dueck has a vast amount of experience designing and building to stringent quality levels.

Dueck Homes changed its name to Dueck Builders in 2016 and has stayed a family owned and operated business with nephew Josh Friesen joining the company and moving into the neighbourhood. Dueck Builders is committed to making a fair wage and ensuring fair payment to sub trades. We believe win-win situations are the only way to conduct business. We value our family time - evenings and weekends are reserved for them if possible. At the same time, we are committed to accommodating the needs of our clients in whatever form that may be required.

Our build process is formed around controlling budgets with respect to quality. As a cost-plus contractor we provide accurate budgets and put finish selections into your hands. We work with integrity and bill with transparency. Our invoices list exactly what we’re paying for and what percentage we’re making.