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The Children's Hospital Foundation of Manitoba has some extra funds to put towards a program that seeks to close a knowledge gap in pediatric care.

The TREKK program, Translating Emergency Knowledge for Kids, is a national network of researchers, clinicians, partners, patients, and families; it's ultimate goal is to improve emergency care for children. According to the TREKK website, most emergency departments operate outside of a children's hospital, so the level of related training and resources can vary.

Dr. Darcy Beer says the TREKK program has two parts: one is to get pertinent information out to medical caregivers.



The other part involves patients and their families: providing information to them that makes sense and sticks. TREKK takes a story-telling approach while delivering care to kids in emergency rooms.



The Manitoba Metis Heritage Fund, the official charity of the Manitoba Metis Federation, yesterday presented the Children's Hospital Foundation with a $50,000 donation for the TREKK program. The money was raised at a gala event on Manitoba Day in May. Fund chair Denise Thomas says it was the first time they've held the gala, and they will hold another next year. Institutions, including the Children's Hospital Foundation, will be able to apply to be partners.