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Hamza, who was nominated by his Mom Tara has won a $50 gift certificate from Toad Hall Toys! Read the touching entry we received here and find out how you can nominate a special child in your life!

HamzaMomTaraHamza with his Mom Tara. Thank you for nominating him Tara! He is a pretty incredible little kid!With summer holidays, we were a little late getting in our August draw for the Classic Kid of the Month with Toad Hall Toys. But it was worth the wait! Here is is the entry we received from Classic 107 listener Tara Mann who nominated her son Hamza Kinnarath:

HamzaAugust2017Hamza stopped by the Classic 107 studio to pick up his $50 gift certificate from Toad Hall Toys!My son has a heart of pure gold. He loves to help others, take care of his baby brother, and give his toys away to those less fortunate. He refuses to let anyone squish a bug of any kind (no matter how afraid of spiders I am) and he has a genuine love for every single person, animal, and plant on this planet to the point that it makes my heart feel like it might explode. I struggled with what to write for this, because I have no words for the light that burns in that kid. He wants to grow up to be a scientist, so he can invent a way for everyone in the world to be happy and have all the food they need. He spends his free time doing math problems by himself in his room, and then asking me to solve them. When I can't, he tells me "Don't worry mom, just because someone is not very good at something doesn't mean they aren't smart. It just means they are smart at something else."

He is constantly trying to make people smile, and feel good about themselves, and just this past weekend, it was his eighth birthday and his uncle took him toy shopping. When his uncle tried to spend money on him, he refused to pick anything out, and told him " I have enough toys, I feel bad for you to spend money buying me more. WE should buy toys for some kids that don't have any. "

I don't know where the pure innocent kindness that my son possesses came from, but he deserves kid of the year in my opinion.

- Tara Mann

It was so awesome meeting you and your great family Hamza! Hamza shared with us that when his school found out about the fact he was named Classic Kid of the Month they announced it during morning announcements to the whole school! And if that wasn't enough, Hamza said his class started chanting "Hamza! Hamza! Hamza!"

We love that! And we know you'll have a blast at Toad Hall Toys in the Exchange!

If YOU would like to nominate a special kid in your life, do it HERE!

Michael Wolch will do the draw for September's Classic Kid of the month Tuesday September 26th at 8:30 AM on Morning Light.