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Winter has arrived, with snow, wind and colder temperatures. No better time to stay in and tune in to The Wide World of Classical Music with host Michael Wolch.


You may or may not know, but I don't like cold weather. I can cope with snow, I find it quite pretty and serene, but when it gets freezing and windy I prefer to stay inside and keep toasty and warm. Before we sold our house a couple years ago, one of my favourite places was in the livingroom by our wood burning fireplace. I could spend hours there, listening to music, having some nourishing food, a few drinks, next to my loved ones. Yes, I am blessed and I never forget that. As temperatures plummeted this week, I was reminded of those good times, and in honour of the fireside I have programmed music for the season and for sitting by the fire.



I hope the music will keep you warm and cozy.







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