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A two-day fast is taking place on the Legislative grounds centred around kids in care and Child and Family Services, and in opposition to reform plans by the provincial government.

Cora Morgan, First Nations family advocate at the Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs, says in particular they are concerned with subsidized guardianship.

"Because there'll be another legal process allowing for foster parents to become legal guardians of our children. It's hard enough as it is. The system as it is is designed to keep children, and with that it'll be even more difficult to have children return to their parents," she said this morning.

Morgan says in 2015 when the First Nations Family Adovcate Office started they fasted for four days in September. She says they've had guidance to fast again.

"We want to bring our spirituality back to this place. It's our Manitoba government who controls our child welfare system and imposes legislation. You know, we've had a series of Band-Aid approaches over time that have never really addressed the issues. And there (has) never been meaningful commitment to First Nations to have a say in how we care for our children and families."

Almost 90 per cent of kids in care in Manitoba are Indigenous.