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A park in Winnipeg colloquially known as Garbage Hill now has a permanent sign declaring it so.

A Hollywood-style Garbage Hill sign was mysteriously erected in Westview Park earlier this year, but was promptly removed by city staff.

Mayor Brian Bowman suggested he'd be open to a more permanent model, saying he'd only heard about the sign and its removal after the fact. A petition also called for the sign to be returned to the park.

A new model was constructed by Shane Storie and SRS Signs, and was unveiled today. It's made out of aluminum composite panel.

"It's two thin skins of aluminum with some PVC in the middle, so it's got a ten year no warp, no mildew, no rot warranty kind of thing, so it'll be around for a long time," said Storie at the unveiling this morning.

Storie is not the creator of the original sign. The original artist's identity was never made public. Storie said the original creator gave him the go-ahead to make a new sign, and the two of them discussed font styles and sizing.

"He's definitely not interested in all the hoopla. He (said), and I don't have the exact quote, but something to the effect of, 'the noise sounds so nice from far away,'" said Storie of the original artist.

Westview Park earned its nickname because it was built over an old landfill.

"It kind of just that tongue-in-cheek-- it's just fun," said Bowman this morning.

Storie says his company donated the sign to the city free of charge.