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Beaux Arts Trio - Arensky: The Piano Trios

Piano Trio No. 1 in D Minor, Op. 32 - 4.Finale. Allegro non troppo

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For five years now you've made Classic 107 a part of your daily life. We thought it would be nice to sit down with some of the voices that accompany you to work, keep you company at home or work during the day and make your commute home a little less stressful.

Next up in voices that have become part of your life here on Classic 107 . . . Diamond Lane host Simeon Rusnak--the soothing voice that takes you through the last part of your day and makes the commute home a little more calming. 



Music Director and host of Intermezzo, Chris Wolf . . .
So just what does a music director do? And how do you build a classical music library from nothing? Chris takes you behind the scenes . . .




 The voice that starts your day Monday through Friday, the host of Morning Light, Michael Wolch!