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Environment Canada says Manitoba could experience a four to five day heat wave later this week. 

An upper-level ridge developing over the prairies this week will spread very warm temperatures into southern Manitoba and Saskatchewan, according to the national forecasting agency, which is predicting highs of 30C or greater and overnight lows in the mid to upper-teens as we head into this upcoming weekend. 

Environment Canada meteorologist Justin Shaer says they haven't issued a heat warning yet but says that is a possibility as the week goes on. 

"Keep up to date with the forecast," Shaer said. "We have this statement out just to give a heads up to everyone about the upcoming heat wave, but keep an eye on it because we may issue some heat warnings as the system develops." 

Shaer says the warm temperatures are expected to start this Wednesday and Thursday, and should last for at least four to five days. 

"It's going to last all weekend," Shaer said. "Next Monday, the upper-ridge looks like it's going to push off and some cooler air will come in. More into the mid to high-20's." 

Shaer says during a heat wave, it's always important to remind people of what they can do to beat the heat. He says hydrating, limiting outdoor activity and frequently applying sunscreen are some of the main ways to beat the heat. 

"Drink water and hydrate before you actually feel thirsty because you don't want dehydration to set in and have that cascading effect of getting heat-stroke," he said. "The elderly, young children and people with pre-existing heart conditions are more likely to heat illnesses so they need to take extra caution when going outside." 

Shaer also reminds people that if it's too hot for you, it's too hot for your pets. 

"Dogs don't sweat and cool down like we do so you don't want to walk them too long or leave them in parked cars, even with the windows down it can still be too hot," he said. "It's important to be mindful of your pets needs as well." 

Environment Canada will issue alerts and updates throughout the week.