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Alix dropped by the Diamond Lane to give Simeon a preview of this weekend's decadent event. Do you have YOUR tickets? Missed this interview? Watch it here.

This event will do nothing for your figure but it will do everything for your imagination. It will inspire you and it’ll make you thankful for that Aztec discovery of the cocoa seed.

In Wonderland is happening at the Winnipeg Art Gallery—a fundraiser for the advancement of Manitoba French speaking students and professionals who wish to become chocolatiers or pâtissiers. Organized by La Belle Baguete and Chocolatiere Constance Pop, and inspired by Alice in Wonderland, this event promises to be an epic journey of chocolate and pastry inspired food, drinks, music and entertainment.

Participants are invited to get dressed up or dress up like an Alice in Wonderland character, which could be very cool. It all starts at 7 PM Saturday night (Oct 07) at the WAG.



Tickets are $125 and you can get them at La Belle Baguete in rue De La Cathédral and Chocolatire Constance Popp on Provencher.

For more information go to