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Menachem Pressler, Emerson String Quartet - Emerson and Pressler: Dvorak: Piano Quintet Op. 81, Op. 87

Dvorak: Piano Quartet In E Flat, Op. 87 - 1. Allegro Con Fuoco

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A 3 and a half year old rescue from The Pas. Read more about Luca's story here! 

In partnership with Global Pet Foods,St. Vital,  Classic 107 is rewarding one pet a month, nominated by their owner with a prize package full of nutritious and delicious food, treats, and a toy. This month, Luca has been selected as our Classic Pet of the Month for March.

Nominated by her owner Corinne, here is why Luca was selected. 

My dog, 3 1/2 yr old dog, Luca is a rescue dog from The Pas, MB. I've had her for just over 2yrs. Luca has a very sweet, gentle personality & is very smart .One of her very favorite things is kayaking in "our" tandem kayak.

Luca rather comfyLuca rather comfy . . .

She curls up in "her" seat & waits for the kayak to move. As soon as we are off for a ride she is in total bliss. Luca never wiggles around..just sits still & enjoys gliding on the water. I don't know how she knew what to do in a just came naturally to her. I think that Luca should definitely be the Classic Pet of the Month. I am so thankful that I rescued her. Luca is very ,very loving & always makes me laugh!

Congratulations Luca! As winter continues in Winnipeg, we, too, are thinking of warmer times on the water! We hope you enjoy your Acana & Orijen prize package! 

Nominate YOUR favourite cat or dog by sending us a picture and a write up telling us why THEY should be the Classic Pet of the month! We'll do the draw the first Tuesday of each month on Morning Light.

If your entry is chosen, you'll win a prize package full of nutritious and delicious food, treats, and a toy for your dog or cat to enjoy!

All you'll have to do is go to Global Pet Foods located in the Shoppes of St. Vital at Avalon Rd. 1220 St. Mary's Road to pick up your prize.

So what are you waiting for? Nominate your favourite cat or dog and send us their picture HERE!

April's prize package will feature great products from Natural Balance.

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