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Classic 107 has teamed up with Global Pet Foods in St. Vital to bring you our Classic Pet of the Month! Congratulations to The Dude! The 11-year-old orange cat is our Classic Pet of the month for February. Read about his incredible story here!

Karen nominated her incredible cat who is certainly a survivor! Read her entry here!

The Dude is a large, short-haired orange cat who is now almost eleven years old. A little over a year ago, I opened the front door to find him broken and bleeding at the dude 001foot of our steps. It is an experience I would not wish on anybody. We don’t know what happened to him (the vet didn’t think he’d been hit by a car and there were no bite marks on him), but he had to have one hind leg amputated and the opposite hip had the ball joint removed. He was to be confined to a cage for 8-10 weeks.

One of the fabulous vet techs at Tuxedo Animal Hospital loaned us a large dog cage and we were able to set up The Dude on top of a desk in our craft room. My husband slept in the room with him and we ate our meals there so The Dude wouldn’t feel lonely. When we couldn’t be with him, I left the radio on, tuned to 107.1, both to keep him company but also because I’d read that listening to classical music helps us heal more quickly.

The Dude has made a fantastic recovery. He can get up and down the stairs now and can even clamber up on the couch. We built some little stairs so he can get up on the bed by himself. Even now, 14 months later, he is still surprising us with his agility. Just last week I came into my den to find him on top of my desk. I think he must have pulled himself up onto my office chair and scrambled onto the desk from there. He looked immensely pleased with himself.

There is one other thing I’ve noticed over the past year. If I’ve left the radio on in the living room or craft room or dining room, then that is the place where The Dude will curl up for the day. I don’t know if it makes him feel safe and protected or if he just likes the sound of the music, but truly, he is a classical cat.

Congratulations Dude, sir. You are our Classic Pet of the Month along with our contest partner Global Pet Foods in St. Vital! They can't wait to meet you and put together your special prize package featuring great products from Merrick Pet Care.


ACANA Logo blackNominate YOUR favourite cat or dog by sending us a picture and a write up telling us why THEY should be the Classic Pet of the month! We'll do the draw the first Tuesday of each month on Morning Light. If your entry is chosen, you'll win a  prize package full of nutritious and delicious food, treats, and a toy for your dog or cat to enjoy! All you'll have to do is go to Global Pet Foods located in the Shoppes of St. Vital at Avalon Rd.1220 St. Mary's Road to pick up your prize.

March's prize package will feature great products from Acana & OrijenORIJEN logo no red box

So what are you waiting for? Nominate your favourite cat or dog and send us their picture HERE!