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Canada Day's come and gone, but there's still free entry to national parks all year.

Riding Mountain National Park acting visitor experience manager Cal Martin says from January to June, their numbers are up just over 1 per cent compared to 2016. But he says the big numbers for visitation start at Canada Day.

He says Monday had a big jump in numbers.

One of the things they've noticed this year, with the free park entry, is people showing up who haven't been in a while as well as people who've never visited RMNP before.

He's now recommending booking your spots early because last weekend the campsites were full.

"It's a good idea for people to plan ahead... we recommend people reserve in advance and maybe plan to carpool with friends if they're coming out."

Martin says they've been making sure there's more room in their parking lots, and there are more crews to clean up garbage.

He says free passes are available at the park, or you can order them online from Parks Canada, or at select businesses.