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Visitors to Upper Fort Garry will be able to kick up their feet and enjoy the summer breeze in a very large community hammock this summer. 

Rachelle Kirouac and Danielle Loeb, two Winnipeg landscape architects, entered their design for the instillation into the Cool Gardens competition, a competition similar to the one for the warming huts at The Forks in the winter. 

They explain where the idea came from. 

"We sat down and looked at the site and thought 'what is Upper Fort Garry about?'" said Kirouac. "Ultimately we think the park is about encouraging relaxation and play and pulling people to such a historically important site and so we thought, 'what better way to say that than a bright blue rope structure that speaks to the urban fabric of Winnipeg?'" 


One unique aspect of the project is that community members and groups have been tasked with weaving different portions of the hammock and canopy above. 

Both Kirouac and Loeb thought that was an important aspect. 

"Both Rachelle and I through our work really enjoy engaging the public and starting that dialogue about what can create some interesting public space," said Loeb. "We really wanted to make sure we brought people to the site and it would engage them throughout the process of making this instillation." 

"It's really nice everyone is coming together to make this happen and we're hoping it will encourage people to explore these urban spaces," added Kirouac. 

Loeb and Kirouac will be at Upper Fort Garry the week of July 3-7, 2017 and say people are more than welcome to stop by and see how they can help. They do warn, however, that all the spots for weaving sections of the hammock are full. Despite this, they say there are other ways to help or you can just kick back and enjoy.  


"We're hoping people will come down the first week but it will be installed throughout the summer until the end September," said Loeb. "Even if they can't come out that first week they can come any time and lounge in the hammock, play around at the fort and find some shade under the canopy." 

"They can just bring a book and relax," added Kirouac.