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Families of missing and murdered Indigenous women and girls in Manitoba are calling for a "reset" of the national inquiry into the matter.

Sandra Delaronde, co-chair of a coalition of families, was one of the speakers at a press conference yesterday at the Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs, where she said they are requesting Canada remove what's left of the current commissioners and adopt an Indigenous-led process.

"The national inquiry in its current form is not hearing the voices, is not inviting the consultation of people in the region, or, if it invites it, it's not listening."

No names were given as possible new commissioners, but Delaronde says they should be people who are related to victims or have worked with their families.

A release that went along with the press conference says families and survivors have felt left out by a lack of communication, a lack of regional focus, and a lack of transparency.

The families also want the process going forward to be regional in scope, with families of victims and survivors taking the lead in Manitoba. The group will be writing to the Prime Minister to tell him.