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Manitoba is cancelling its proposed $25 per tonne carbon tax.

Premier Brian Pallister made the announcement today.

The federal government has long said it will impose a carbon pricing plan on any province that doesn't meet its benchmark. The federal government's benchmark fee goes up $10 per year until it hits $50 in 2022; Manitoba's $25 per tonne fee would fall short of that next year.

Pallister told reporters this afternoon this move puts the ball in the federal government's court.

"If you say no, you get Trudeau, and if you say yes, you get Trudeau in a year. So when do I stand up for Manitobans, in a year?" said the Premier at this afternoon's press conference.

Pallister said the rest of Manitoba's green plan will go forward. He says the federal government hasn't given enough respect for Manitoba's green plan and its investments to date.

"Other provinces sit on a bed of oil and natural gas, good. We don't, okay? We've got Hydro here. We produce a lot of it, probably more than we can make money off of for 30 years; we deserve some credit for that," said Pallister.

Manitoba joins a growing list of provinces rejecting the federal carbon plan, including Saskatchewan and Ontario.