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Residents in a St. Boniface neighbourhood and rallying to save their community pool. 

Monique LaCoste says in May, Coun. Matt Allard (St. Boniface) invited the community to a meeting and told them the city was shutting down the Norwood Outdoor Pool.

He then asked them what type of facility they would like to see replace it.   

"My first reaction as a life-long resident was 'we don't want anything, we want our pool," LaCoste said. "We went to that meeting not knowing what to expect and everyone said the same thing to him, 'we want our pool and don't want anything else.'" 

LaCoste is now the chair of the Save the Norwood Pool committee, which was formed immediately after the meeting. LaCoste says as the city works on the cost of decommissioning the pool, residents are urging the city to instead look at what it would cost to fix it. 

The pool's issue, according to LaCoste, is that the water table beneath the flood bowl has risen, which means ground water periodically gets into the pool. She says in order for the pool to get an operating permit the water has to be crystal clear. When ground water gets in it becomes murky and that permit becomes tougher to get. 

"The city has tried various things and it hasn't work so they came to the realization that they should just close the pool," LaCoste said. "Our committee met and decided this is about more than just recreation, this is about healthy and sustainable communities."

One resident who doesn't want the pool to close is Lorraine Prescott, who says having it in the neighbourhood made raising her six children a lot easier. 

"It was a godsend for a family like ours who couldn't afford to go a cottage," she said. "My kids took lessons there and it was a safe and affordable place to be."

"It would be a real shame to see it go." 

LaCoste says people she grew up with are now bringing their kids there, which shows the pool continues to be important for people who live in the community. She also says it provides a free recreation space for newcomers to the community and people from neighbouring areas who often come over for a free swim. 

"I can't think of any free amenity that gathers people the way this pool does," she said. "You have people of all ages, people from different cultures and new Canadians who can practice their swimming here." 

LaCoste says they have reached out to Allard and the city and want to be kept in the loop about any studies or surveys done with regards to the pool and what might happen with it. She says they want to work with the city to determine the best way forward. 

She says their relationship with Allard has been very healthy thus far, and discussions are ongoing. 

Golden West News has reached out to Coun. Allard for comment but have yet to receive a response.