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A local opera group is using one of the most recognizable stories of all time to bring opera to children. 

Manitoba Underground Opera is performing its rendition of Jack and the Beanstalk at a number of Winnipeg libraries in the month of August,to bring opera to a level that kids can engage with and understand. 

"It's 35 minutes long, it's entirely in English and we find that's very good for ages 5 to 11," Manitoba Underground Opera general manager Brendan McKeen said. "It's very approachable and then alongside is that it kind of addresses bullying and the decisions made by the characters, where the giant bullies jack and then jack and his mom team up to bully the giant, then they talk about the golden rule of friendship. It's really good in terms of giving them a base level of education while spreading good social messages." 

Not only do the kids learn important lessons, but they get to do so while viewing and interacting with experienced singers. 

"We're very luck in terms of the singers we have involved," McKeen said. "They either have graduate degrees or they're in graduate school right now. These are not people in the early parts of their study, they've put in many years of training." 

The first performance took place at the River Heights Library on Aug. 7, 2018. Other performances include Aug. 13 at the Henderson Library, Aug. 21 at the Fort Garry Library and Aug. 23 at the Millennium Library. 

McKeen says you can register to attend the performances online through the Winnipeg Public Library's website.

You can find out more information on these shows and the other things Manitoba Underground Opera has planned for the rest of their 2018 season on their website.