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March is upon us! Join me as we celebrate composers born this month; romantic concertos; a power hour; AND some marches for the month of MARCH. I couldn't resist. Watch some samples of the music here:


It's the first show of March. What composers are born this month? How about Smetana, Vivaldi, Chopin and more. I will have an hour of music dedicated to the birthdays of some famous (and not so famous) composers:





One of the dates on the calendar year that has always grabbed my attention was March 4th. (I have always heard it as MARCH FORTH!) And today is March 4th! How about an hour of marches, and not necessarily the typical band marches. I think an hour of those might make you march right to the pillow to cover your ears. Unless you love marches!? Anyway, here is an idea of the marches I will play:




And I was thinking about music that might help the Winnipeg Jets get ready for tonight's game. Right now they need all the help and motivation they can get. So, I have lined up an hour of powerful and energetic Classics to pump them up for the game.