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It is midway through July already, so we had better start enjoying these summer days and nights before they give way to autumn! Tune into The Wide World of Classical Music to keep entertained throughout this July afternoon.


July 15th! Slow down the clocks, take your foot off the gas, don't cross another day off your calendar, fear the slipping away of the days of summer!  Sorry for the drama, but just the other day I realized it was almost the middle of July and I felt like we had yet to have much summer weather. I panicked, because to me summer is the best time of year; the time of year when citizens of Winnipeg come alive, flood the streets, party at all the amazing festivals, crowd the patios and embrace all this city has to offer. Autumn and spring are ok as well, but winter is generally a time for hibernation, contemplation, and painfully cold winds, ouch!  So, let's slow down time and live in this wonderful moment of July 15th, 2017.


Let this be your soundtrack to the afternoon: 








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