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Let's take a walk in the park; visit beautiful gardens; visit some music from around the world; and listen to a complete recording by Avital & Avital.

We have been blessed with summer weather, before the first official day of summer, so I thought about being outside and the kind of music that would be great to accompany you on a walk in the park and gazing at beautiful gardens. Also, since the show is called The Wide World of Classical Music, it makes sense to travel to several spots around the globe (Portugal, Colombia, Greece, South africa and more).

AND, I am going to play the entire new CD by Avi Avital & Omer Avital, entitled Avital Meets Avital. It is a fabulous fusion of Middle Eastern, Classical and Jazz music, by tow internationall acclaimed musicians from Israel, one classically trained and the other steeped in jazz. I will play the whole CD beginnig at 3:00. Here is a clip of them performing together:




In The Park:





In The Garden: