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I hope you are keeping warm this weekend! Why not stay inside, curl up on the couch and tune into The Wide World of Classical Music! As the saying goes, "let me entertain you." See what's in store right here:


This week on Wednesday it was International Women's Day. So, to pay homage to all the amazing women composers and performers I am dedicating 3 hours of the show to International Women's Day. From Lili Boulanger and Dame Ethyl Smyth to Lucia Micarelli and Alison Balsom, there is a little something for everyone:  






Composers seem to take inspiration from just about anywhere, including writing music for wine, champagne, coffee and beer. I have an hour of pieces that provide plenty of examples by Strauss, Bach, Dunning and more;




The word "showpiece" is defined as something that attracts attention or admiration as an outstanding example of its type. There are many such examples in the canon of Classcal music, but I have chosen a few fun examples of Classical showpieces. Berlioz, Gershwin, Kreisler and many more: