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Although the number of people volunteering has increased over the past ten years, there's still a need for more at Siloam Mission's Saul Sair Health Centre.

The health centre opened in August 2007, growing from a few hundred visits and referrals per year to more than 11,371 last year. An event was held at Siloam this morning to recognize the clinic's 10 year anniversary.

Over the last five years, the number of healthcare professionals volunteering at the centre has gone from 12 to more than 130. Still, Dr. Cam Stacey, a longtime volunteer, says they could use more.

"The one area we can improve would be to have more volunteers. I think at the moment there are about three medical doctors, I'm not sure how many dentists and dental hygenists, but there can always be more. Wouldn't it be nice if there was a waiting list and 'sorry, we can't squeeze you in!' If we had more volunteers than we had hours to work that would be great," says Dr. Stacey.

The Saul Sair Health Centre provides access to a number of healthcare services, such as optometry, podiatry, dental services, and care for everyday maladies like wounds and heat stroke as well as maintenance of chronic illnesses like diabetes and cardiac problems.

Siloam Mission CEO Jim Bell says he knows the people who use the services are extremely grateful.

"They leave here, in most cases, with improved health, whatever the challenge is. But they also, I think they leave with a little bit more... dignity, too," says Bell.

Dr. Stacey says some of their clientele don't have health cards or don't have a home, or need something that most clinics charge a fee for. He says at Saul Sair, you don't need a health card, you don't need ID, and you don't need money, as long as you're a client of Siloam.