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Winnipeg Police have made an arrest in an animal cruelty case.

Police were looking for 20-year-old Winnipegger Alex Arumeul Genaille. Police said he was wanted in connection to an August 31st incident in which a Bullmastiff dog was injured with a knife in the Lord Selkirk Park area. Police arrested Genaille this afternoon in the 400 block of Boyd Avenue.

According to police, a group of people were travelling down a back lane on Stella Avenue around 9:15 pm August 31st, and when they passed the dog in a yard, one of the individuals put on a mask, took out a knife, and attacked the dog. The individual then re-joined the group of people in the back lane.

Murray told reporters yesterday Genaille was identified as a suspect through video surveillance and witness statements.

"This was a cruel and callous attack on a dog. It's my understanding that the dog's snout was cut down to the teeth," said Constable Jay Murray yesterday.

Genaille is facing charges of possession of a weapon, disguise with intent, and causing unnecessary suffering to an animal.