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Martin Jones - Grainger -Dished up for Piano- - Volume 1

In a Nutshell, suite for piano; sketches 1905, comp. 1914-16: IV. The Gum-suckers March

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John Coltrane's only recording with a vocalist. Hear why he chose the deep, lush voice of Johnny Hartman this Saturday 10pm on The Listening Party with Roxane Gagne.




John Coltrane only recorded one album in his entire career with a vocalist. That vocalist was Johnny Hartman. They encountered eachother when they shared a bill at the Apollo Theatre in 1950 and Coltrane said this about Hartman: "I just felt something about him, I don’t know what it was. I like his sound, I thought there was something there I had to hear so I looked him up and did that album." To hear Hartman's lush, deep and rich voice, you can see why Coltrane liked his sound so much, and it matches so well with Coltrane's restrained, heavenly ballad style.

The recording is now widely considered a classic and you can hear it all beginnig at 10pm this Saturday with your host Roxane Gagne on The Listening Party.